Saturday, March 12, 2011

A+ in Geometry?

Mini Me just turned 4.  So, this week she had her annual check up.  They did all the usual stuff, and part of her exam was an eye test.  The eye chart they use has symbols/shapes instead of letters.  The nurse went through all the shapes with her to make sure she knew what they were and then they started.

Mini Me stood there and read off the shapes.

It wasn't a moon, it was a crescent.  .  It wasn't just a flag, it was a striped flag.  As the shapes got smaller, Mini Me struggled a little.

When she got to the hand picture, she couldn't quite tell what it was, so she went with her best guess:  It looks like a rectangle.

Even better, when she got to a picture of a tea cup on a saucer:  Well, I'm not sure exactly, but it kind of looks like a trapezoid.

The nurse didn't really know how to respond to that one.  I just smiled.  That's our girl.