Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 2

Sweet Pea had a bit of trouble going to sleep, so hubby slept in the bed with Mini Me and Sweet Pea bunked in with me. Needless to say, I slept well with all the kicks to the head.

Mini Me was up at 5am and wanting to leave--until I made the mistake of putting the Disney channel on so hubby and I could get ready. They were glued to it since we don't have cable at home. Regardless, we were still able to get breakfast at the hotel at 6am. There we met a mom and 2 girls who were also headed to the World. They were from New England also. We finished breakfast and headed out. They were still eating. Hubby couldn't help but notice it felt like the amazing race. On the road at 6:45.

The first couple hours were a little rough: sweet pea fell coming out of the hotel, mini me had to pee just as we pulle OUT of the rest area after insisting she didn't have to go, and sweet pea was cranky because she was tired--it's hard work kicking mommy in the head all night. After a nap and a snack, all was well again.

Hit a bit of traffic in Orlando but arrived around 3pm. Girls climbed around in the little movie area while I ran up to the room to decorate and leave some surprises. Went back to get hubby and the girls and came up to our room. They think the pool is amazing and can't wait to go swimming.

Mini me got her birthday button at check in and we have already gotten a bit of 'pixie dust'- we were booked in a standard room for our package, but added a room only extra night at the last minute and had to take a preferred room. As it turn out, they upgraded us to the preferred pool view room for the entire stay! We were steps from the pool and main building--loved it!

We took the bus to MK and got on the monorail so the girls could have their very first look at the Castle! Big smiles! Then we got back to the resort and the girls crashed--much needed rest for all!

Tomorrow: Animal Kingdom!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 1

It's been quite a week leading up to this trip. Both kids have had 2 rounds of the stomach bug and we all are in various stages of a cold.

But, we are powering through. The girls went to bed a bit early with no problem so that hubby could get some sleep. We were out the door just before midnight.

The girls are having a bit of trouble settling down, but an hour into the trip and they are starting to drift off. We managed to get some sleep after we stopped for gas and made it through NY before rush hour. Currently 5am and we are in NJ. Only 8.5 hours more until our planned stop.

We made it to our planned stop before 2pm, so we decided to keep going. Of course, just after that it was back to back issues with both kids and we were thinking that we should have stopped. But we persisted to our new goal of Florence SC and were there around 5pm.

We logged a total of 17 hours on the road and about 1000 miles! Tomorrow--on to Disney!