Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beer Me

3 weeks after my first 5K, I pinned another bib on and headed to the start line.  This time I wasn't just going to finish...I was going to get a beer at the end!  That's right, this race was at a brewery and there was a live band and beer waiting for me at the finish.  What better motivation to hurry through 3.1 miles in the blazing sun?!?!

I have been training at around a 12 minute pace and knew that the course was a little flatter than my first race.  However, it was also 10-15 degrees hotter, which forced many to slow down, and several to need medical attention.

The first .25 mile was slow--weaving in an out of the walkers who decided it was a good idea to start near the front.  But, by around the .50 mile mark, I had found a clearing and settled into a nice pace.  When I got to the first mile mark, the time said 12:18.  However, that was gun time and I knew that it took me close to a minute to even reach the start line.  So, I was doing well.

I walked through the water station at 1.5 miles because I have not yet mastered the drinking while running thing.  But, then I was back to it.  There was a second unofficial water stop just after 2 miles, and many of us took advantage of that.  It was hot and the course was almost all sun.

It was an awesome day and I felt pretty good.  As I approached the finish, the time on the clock was still reading 36 minutes and change.  I knew I had a new PR!  My official time was 35:39!  A full 2:10 off my previous race.  I was so excited.  To top it off, my friend won the race (not a big surprise-she's won several this year!).  We had a beer, some food and enjoyed the weather.

The kids also both ran in their fun run races.  Good times all around and a great way to spend a long weekend.  I've got over a month until my next race, so I am starting a 10K training plan and am meeting with a trainer at my gym to start some strength work as well.  Can't wait for my next race--it's addictive!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5K Day!

For 2 months, I have been training using the C25K program.  It's a wonderful program that slowly transforms you from out couch potato to a 5K runner.

There were days I certainly had my doubts that I was going to make it.  But, on May 5th, I ran my first 5K. I was nervous when I got there, but met up with some friends at the start line, which helped to calm my nerves a bit.

I won't lie--it was tough.  My training runs had all been on relatively flat ground, and this course was rather hilly.  Hubby and the girls were waiting for me just past the top of the first hill and screamed out to me.

As we were huffing and puffing uphill past the 1 mile sign, a woman running next to me pointed at it and said, "I hate that freaking thing!".  That made me smile.

We made it to the turn-around on a cul de sac, and one of the friends I had started with was just coming out  as I was headed in and she called out to me.  That helped get me through yet another hill.  Thankfully, at the top of that little hill was the water station that another friend of mine was volunteering at.  It was awesome to have so much support along the way!

After that, it was mainly downhill--except for the last little hill just before turning into the park for the final stretch.  I was still running, and was able to sprint to the finish.  Hubby and the girls were there waiting for me.

I am signed up for 3 more races this spring/summer.  Thinking about trying to find a 10K for fall.  And, of course, I have my heart set on the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  But, probably not until Feb. 2014. One step at a time.

Mini Me ran the 1/4 mile race for her age group.  It was a great day and I can't wait for my next race--Beer at the finish line?  Oh yeah!