Thursday, May 21, 2009

N is for Neighbor

N is for Neighbor

As in, our neighbor the inconsiderate idiot across the hall.

Today, we were coming inside and saw aforementioned neighbor outside with his dog. Mini Me loves the dog and wanted to play. Fine.

Neighbor was holding the dog and Mini Me was standing there in front of him. She was a little's a big, neighbor takes her hand and helps her pet the dog. Fine. I generally don't mind this.

After a minute or two, he mentions that he has the FLU and just got out of the HOSPITAL. He says he's not contagious and has been on Tamiflu...but REALLY?!?!?!

You did not think this was important information to share with the pregnant lady before standing there with her and touching her 2 year old? Really???

I am not a freak about germs, although I try to be cautious. I am not freaked out by the swine flu, I just don't want anyone in my house to get any flu....period. Stupid inconsiderate jerk!

Needless to say, we came inside and I scrubbed Mini Me's hands and purell'd the crap out of them and mine. God help him if either one of us gets sick!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I is for I can't believe I'm going to post this...

I is for I can't believe I'm going to post this.... ::waves 'hi' dad:: OK, so totally embarrassing, too much info story to share, but it's too damn funny not to.... here it goes.

Last night, Mini Me was playing quietly by herself in the playroom, so I took the opportunity to hop in the shower and do some personal grooming in preparation for bathing suit season.

Mini Me comes running into the bathroom, opens the shower curtain, looks at me and says, "Great job, Mommy!" and claps her hands.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

L is for Longest Day Ever

L is for Longest Day Ever...and it's only 8:30am!

So, we were up at 6am. So far, here's what we've done:

Had breakfast
Cleaned up from breakfast
Got dressed
Made the bed
Had 2 cups of coffee
Emptied the dishwasher
Played "trains"
Watched an hour of TV
Listed 10 items on Craigslist
Gathered items that are being picked up tomorrow (see side not below)
Made a "to-do" list
Decided on an Art Easel and checked that it was "in stock"
Checked e-mail
Wrote this post

So, ummmm, yeah. Still waiting for anything to open. It's only 8:30am!!! It's going to be the

*side note: Since we are decorating the girls' room, we are selling Mini Me's original nursery set. I was so excited when someone responded to the Craigslist ad. She is coming tomorrow to pick it up. As I started to gather the pieces together, I felt really sad. The light switch plate, the pictures on the wall, the lamp....they have all be in her room for more than 2 years. They were there before she was born. And now, they aren't. While she hasn't used the bedding or mobile in ages, the other decorations were there as that reminder of our little baby. Her room looks so empty. I can't wait until we get her room set up next month. Until then, it's going to be a bit depressing in there.

Monday, May 11, 2009

W is for winner

W is for winner.

And the winner is....

Daisy bedding! I just ordered the Daisy Bedding (see previous posts for link). It was on sale and I found a coupon code for an extra 10% off. I can't wait to decorate the girls' room! Yay!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

R is for Rain

R is for Rain.

It has rained all.week.long.

Ordinarily, rain generally doesn't bother me. I like rain. It's peaceful. Yet, when I have a 2 year old screaming to go to the park...well, the rain can just kiss my fat pregnant butt.

Cabin fever doesn't even begin to describe what happened to Mini Me yesterday. Let me walk you through it.

My day started around 3am when I woke up from a sound sleep. Just woke up. No reason, just wide a wake. Damn the pregnancy insomnia. So, I tossed and turned (annoying both hubby and the dog). Finally, after the alarm went off, I dosed off. Hubby left for work, and about 20 minutes later, Mini Me woke up. OK, it was 6:30. Not bad, right? Wrong.

I went to her door to open the gate, and she yelled at me. "No! No, Mommy! Daddy do it!" Uh, kiddo, daddy isn't here. So, either "mommy do it" or you stay in your room all day....

So, right then and there, I saw what kind of a day I was in for. I made a snap decision that we were going out. We had a bunch of errands to run anyway, and since Mini Me is usually really good when we are out and about, I thought this might turn the day around for us.

I took her out to breakfast and her mood seemed to improve. Thinking I had succeeded, I next attempted to go to the grocery store.

::cue tantrum #1::

Apparently, sitting in the cart is no longer good enough. Damn the person who invented those little car things on the front of carts for children to sit in and pretend to drive. While they are a good idea, they are virtually impossible for a pregnant lady with a full cart and a 30 pound child to maneuver. I said no, and that is when we stood outside the grocery store for 10 minutes while I first wrestled her into a cart, and waited for the hysterical screaming to stop...followed by bribing her with a balloon.

We get done shopping and go to get back in the car. But, Mini Me doesn't want to.

::cue tantrum #2::

Followed by tantrums: driving past the park, driving past the library, leaving dog at the groomer, leaving the pet store, going home for lunch, taking a nap, waking up from a nap, eating dinner, having a bath.....I'm sure there were others.

I was in the bedroom putting laundry away, and Mini Me was whining and crying about wanting to paint....10 minutes before dinner. When I told her no, she slammed the door, and said, "I quit" and sat in the closet. I couldn't have said it better myself!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

B is for Bedding, part 2

B is for Bedding, part 2

I still cannot decide on bedding. And, the bedding I referred to in the last post...well, I like the flowers, but I wish the background color was yellow. I really am not a fan of green with those other colors. There is a beautiful set I was looking at that was a nice shade of green with pink. That was very nice.

I'm also considering, this bedding: Daisy or maybe Garden but, neither of these go with the room decorations I have picked out. So, therein lies the problem. I am trying to find bedding to match decorations. I can't seem to find any decorations that match any of the beddings I like.

There are lots of beautiful sets, but I'm trying to decorate a room for 2 kids. I have found lots of these bedding sets that I would gladly use for Mini Me's bed. However, add in the "extras" and it doesn't mesh. So, we may end up decorating the room, and going with a solid color quilt for the bed. After all, Mini Me will grow up, and need another bedding set eventually anyway. And, by then, hopefully the kids will not be sharing a room, so then they can each have their own style.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

B is for Bedding

B is for bedding.

This is the bedding that I am considering for Mini Me's big girl bed. But, since it's only available online, I'm having trouble deciding if the colors I'm seeing are the actual colors of the product.

So, is the background of this bedding yellow or more of a sage green?
I can't get the picture to work, so try this link: bella bedding