Tuesday, March 3, 2009

S is for stats

S is for stats.

As in Mini Me's two year stats.

Here's the low down of her pedi appointment today:

She is 36.5 inches tall, 27 pounds 2 ounces, and doing very well by all accounts. The pediatrician was very happy with her vocabulary and overall social development. She did refer us to a pediatric orthopedist just to check on Mini Me's left foot which tends to turn in and causes her to trip occasionally. But, she said that in her opinion, she would outgrow it and that everything seemed fine structurally.

ini Me was very brave and didn't even cry on the scale this time. Not sure why she has been so freaked out about it the past few appointments, but we seem to have passed that phase.

Oh, and I was very annoyed that I did not have my camera with me because they had her wear one of those little gowns and it had tigers all over it. It was super cute with her little diapered bum hanging out the back. Too funny!

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