Friday, February 25, 2011

The day his bum got smaller...

I know I've been horrible about updating this blog.  But, today I have a story that I really want to remember in 15 years, so I'm going to blog about it in case I ever have my memory erased by aliens or something equally as likely.

Yesterday, we went to a playdate.  It was a breakfast playdate where the kids all wore their PJ's and the organizer made pancakes for everyone.  The older kids has run off to play, and then this is what happened:

One of the boys, around 3 years old, comes running out-followed by the other kids, including Mini Me.  He has his PJ's unzipped down to his waist, with his penis out, yelling that "it's smaller now!". 

Thankfully, all the moms there were really cool, and we all just laughed hysterically while the host/mom told her son to keep his PJ's on for the rest of the playdate.  

When hubby got home last night, Mini Me informed him that her friends "bum gets smaller".  Well, let's stick with that for now.'s his bum that got smaller.  

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