Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beer Me

3 weeks after my first 5K, I pinned another bib on and headed to the start line.  This time I wasn't just going to finish...I was going to get a beer at the end!  That's right, this race was at a brewery and there was a live band and beer waiting for me at the finish.  What better motivation to hurry through 3.1 miles in the blazing sun?!?!

I have been training at around a 12 minute pace and knew that the course was a little flatter than my first race.  However, it was also 10-15 degrees hotter, which forced many to slow down, and several to need medical attention.

The first .25 mile was slow--weaving in an out of the walkers who decided it was a good idea to start near the front.  But, by around the .50 mile mark, I had found a clearing and settled into a nice pace.  When I got to the first mile mark, the time said 12:18.  However, that was gun time and I knew that it took me close to a minute to even reach the start line.  So, I was doing well.

I walked through the water station at 1.5 miles because I have not yet mastered the drinking while running thing.  But, then I was back to it.  There was a second unofficial water stop just after 2 miles, and many of us took advantage of that.  It was hot and the course was almost all sun.

It was an awesome day and I felt pretty good.  As I approached the finish, the time on the clock was still reading 36 minutes and change.  I knew I had a new PR!  My official time was 35:39!  A full 2:10 off my previous race.  I was so excited.  To top it off, my friend won the race (not a big surprise-she's won several this year!).  We had a beer, some food and enjoyed the weather.

The kids also both ran in their fun run races.  Good times all around and a great way to spend a long weekend.  I've got over a month until my next race, so I am starting a 10K training plan and am meeting with a trainer at my gym to start some strength work as well.  Can't wait for my next race--it's addictive!

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