Friday, September 26, 2008

B is for Best Day Ever

(The title of this post should be "F is for Fun", but, lets try to get through all the letters before we reuse, OK?)

You know how some days you feel like you've simply "survived" the day? Nothing really exciting, or horrible for that matter, happened. Well, it seems like I have a lot of those days. Most days, Mini Me and I "survive" each other.

Don't get me wrong, I love being a SAHM, but being a SAHM with toddler is....well, exhausting. The other day, I was feeling down that I don't do more "stuff" with Mini Me. I mean, we read books, and I chase her around the house all day trying to avert one "disaster" after another. (Note to self: discover where she got the idea to try to stand on a basketball...) And, that's pretty much our day. Changing diapers, eating, reading and "no, don't do that. Be careful." Ugh.

So, I decided that Mini Me and I were going to have the Best Day Ever. While she was eating breakfast, I got all of our supplies together. After breakfast, Mini Me and I painted pictures. She loved it. In fact, in one heart-melting moment, she looked up at me with a smile and said, "fun!" While she did get it all over her hands, she was much better about not eating it or touching her hair/face than I thought she would be (the last time we tried paint several months ago, it was one of those aforementioned disasters).

So, after an hour (yes, my toddler sat still for an HOUR!!!!) I thought it was time to be done. Why press my luck? But, Mini Me was still having fun. I had to convince her that having a bath and filling the bathroom with bubbles would also be "fun". Luckily, she LOVES bubbles and willing ran towards the bubbles.

After bath and snack, it was naptime. When she woke up, I went in to get her and as I picked her up, she said in the sweetest voice, "more fun?" So, we broke out the play-doh and had "more fun".

I know its not realistic that we are going to have these great days all the time, but it gave me a little boost. It really did feel like the Best Day Ever. I love being a mom.

Here are some pics of our painting adventure:

A tentative beginning:

Beginning to experiment w/ colors:

What if I paint my hand?!
One of the finished products:

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Anne said...

You are a great mom. Love you Anne