Thursday, September 18, 2008

P is for Poop

Mini Me loves mac 'n cheese mixed with baked beans. That's what she had for lunch yesterday...LOTS of it. Which is why our letter of the day is P. P is for Poop.

When Mini Me woke up this morning, nothing seemed unusual. I heard her babbling in her crib and I went in to get her. That's when things went terribly wrong. The stench in the room was a bit overwhelming. I knew she had pooped. Had I only known....

I soon realized that her pj's were wet, but as I began to take them off, I realized that I was not simply dealing with a little pee that leaked out. Oh, no. This was a blowout. GROSS! So, into the tub she went. But, Mini Me loves her 'doggie' and 'elmo' that she sleeps with and would NOT let them go. So, I decided they had to make the ultimate sacrifice. They joined her in the bathtub. I decided it was better to get her clean and THEN have a meltdown instead of having a meltdown covered in poo.

So, at the conclusion of bath time, I had to pry the 2 beloved stuffed animals that were now dripping wet and sudsy, out of her little hands. There was a heart-wrenching scream. There is was. A complete meltdown of epic proportions. So major, that I envision that someday, years from now, Mini Me will be on a therapists couch reliving this nightmare of when her companions were ripped from her clutches. But, alas, I managed to get her dried off and diapered.

The good news about toddlers is that their attention spans are relatively short. I grabbed the bubbles and began filling the room with all of their soapy goodness. And, through her tears and sobs, she began uttering "bubble, bubble". The worst had passed. 10 more minutes and doggie and elmo were all but forgotten. I ran back and grabbed the friends and tossed them in the washing machine. They are now spinning away getting clean. And, before she knows it, Mini Me will have her trusted companions back by her side.

Let's just say, we're not having beans again for a while.

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