Friday, November 21, 2008

M is for Mini Me's Muffin Mayhem

M is for Mini Me's Muffin Mayhem.

So, as it is where all of you live, its COLD! (To BFF in LA- we all hate you. hugs and kisses) And, since we aren't hanging out at the park or going for walks anymore...we needed something to do.

I wasn't feeling into "art" yesterday, but decided that nice warm cupcakes would be nice. I 'thought' it would be fun to have Mini Me "help". Seriously, what drugs did I take? Am I possessed by some evil demon? Why on earth did I think this was a 'good' idea?

(And, yes, in the title I said 'muffin'. I really mean 'cupcake', but that didn't flow as nicely, ya know? Nothing like a little alliteration to start your day)

Back to the story: Mini Me wanted NO part of the preparation of the 'muffins'. But, when it came time to deal with the frosting....oh, boy! As I do with most things, I tried to use the activity as a bit of a teaching moment. Mini Me has been doing great with colors (or: colours, for those of you North of the Border) lately, so I thought we'd have some fun and broke out the food coloring. I divided up the frosting and made a few different colors.

As you can imagine, Mini Me was not so much into putting frosting on the cupcakes as she was just eating it. She did articulate a preference for the 'green' frosting, however the blue turned out to be a bit more messy. So, color reinforcement lesson plan successful!

Of course, what would an activity be (especially one involving treats) without the trademark 'end of the activity' tantrum, where Mini Me thrashes on the floor in tears for no less than 30 minutes shrieking "green, green!"? Ah, well. At least we have yummy muffins, I mean, cupcakes.

Pics to follow, and yes I've giving up on trying to use all of the letters of the alphabet before repeating.

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