Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The far reaches of 'mine'

If there was any doubt that we have officially reached the 'mine' stage of toddler-hood, let's just put that to rest now.

We have grown accustomed to, but not thrilled with, Mini Me's constant assertions that every item that she can lay her eyes on is hers- regardless of actual ownership, possession, or mere thought of possession.

Mini Me often yells at the wind (aka fan) for blowing the pages of her coloring book. Or, the sun for shining on her toys. Yes, Mini Me thinks she alone can control and discipline Mother Nature.

But, today, as I was busy puttering and doing 60 billion things that haven't managed to make it to my 'to do' list, yet still need to be done, I was also listening to her play. She had her toys out and was so involved in pretend play that she didn't notice that I had stopped what I was doing and was watching her. As she alternated between characters (Gordon the train and Abby Caddabby-a somewhat unlikely pairing, unless its a PBS Kids family reunion), I figured out that Gordon wanted to play with Abby's magic wand. And, Abby (aka Mini Me) was having no part of it.

She would put the wand near Gordon, then yell at him, "No! It's my wand! No touching it!" To which Gordon would apologize. Rinse and repeat for 5 minutes.

Yes, we are clearly in the world of 'Mine!' That doesn't bode well for the next 16 years of her life...

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