Friday, February 12, 2010

She's a girl who knows what she wants

You know how when babies cry, you often wish they could talk so that they could just tell you what is wrong? And then, when they get to be Mini Me's age, they talk constantly and say things like, "why?" and "no" repeatedly...or come up with gems like, "I smell like bum" when getting undressed at the end of the day and you long for the days of the coo's and babble.

Anywho...last night was one of those nights in our house. After the above gem of a quote by Mini Me and the endless repetition of scenes from Tinkerbell, I was really lovin' my little Sweet Pea who was quietly coo'ing getting ready for bed. Then, daddy put her down. Then, the quiet ended.

Screams so loud that I am SURE dogs on the other side of town started howling. Sweet Pea just could not be consoled. No amount of binkie replacement, music from her seahorse or frog, lights on/lights off, nose cleaning, etc. would make this kid stop screaming. Pick her up, she was fine. Put her down, screams. So, naturally, I thought something must be terribly wrong. She really is a good sleeper for the most part. We put her down fully awake and besides the occasional help with replacing the binkie, she puts herself to sleep. This screaming was out of left field.

So, I try burping her. I give her Tylenol because I am convinced she must be in some kind of distress to scream so horribly for half an hour every time she is placed on her back. Nothing. In a last ditch effort, I carry her into her room to grab a diaper and change of clothes. As I turn to leave the room, she starts whimpering. I go back in, quiet. Go back out, whimpering.

Put her down in her crib...silence. Sleep. Instant.

Sweet Pea has been sleeping in her crib for naps for the past week or two since Mini Me usually doesn't nap anymore. But, at night, Sweet Pea sleeps in our room. But, clearly she prefers the crib. So, last night, for the first night in over 4 months, Sweet Pea slept in her crib, in the same room as Mini Me. She only woke up once, and thankfully, even though I know Mini Me was awake, she went right back to sleep.

And, Mommy and Daddy had the room all to themselves. But, wanna know a secret? Mommy kind of missed Sweet Pea. Shhhh, don't tell daddy.

We're not sure if this will last, but it was an interesting turn of events last night. Looks like Sweet Pea is going to be another stubborn chatterbox...just like her sister.

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Anne said...

That's awesome!!!!