Tuesday, January 6, 2009

B is for Bronchitis

B is for Bronchitis.

As everyone is aware, I recieved the Mother of the Year award in December for not taking Mini Me to the doctor, despite having a runny nose for almost 2 months. When she finally had a fever, I did take her and she was diagnosed with a sinus infection and recieved antibiotics which she was on when we visited for Christmas. She seemed better almost overnight and we were optimistic that she was on the road to recovery.

That was until Saturday morning, 48 hours after her last dose of the antibiotics when she woke up coughing. On Sunday, her cheeks were red again, and on Monday, the dreaded runny nose returned. So, a quick phone call to the nurses at the pediatricians office and we were headed back for our first visit of the new year. Awesome.

So, I recount the entire story for the covering physician (yes, it so happens that Mini Me's regular pediatrician has been on vacation the whole time and we got to see whatever doctor was available. In all fairness, they are all good and I love the staff and have always been able to get same day appointments, so I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. I'm not, really.)

The doctor tells me that she's not sure about the original diagnosis, but that she thinks Mini Me's current illness is a combination of several things. For starters, Mini Me has her last set of molars coming in (umm, yeah. That would explain why EVERYTHING has been going in her mouth the last few weeks. Bad timing with all the small parts that came with Christmas presents that we've put away until this phase passes again). She also now has bronchitis and as for the cheeks...who knows. So, anyway, Mini Me is now on yet another round of antibiotics and didn't get to go to school today.

I think we'll just hibernate the rest of the winter.

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