Monday, February 9, 2009

C is for Cabin Fever

C is for Cabin Fever.

Mini Me has been struck with the near fatally annoying Cabin Fever. Although there is still over a foot of snow on the ground, Mini Me is done with winter and insisting that there needs to be more "fun". To Mini Me, virtually the only thing that constitutes fun these days is climbing or animals.

Since all the local playgrounds are still covered in aforementioned 12+ inches of snow despite the abnormally warm temperatures of the weekend, our only other option was animals. Where to find animals indoors? The New England Aquarium, of course.

OK, Mini Me did specifically ask to see camels and elephants, but see...they don't live at the aquarium. So, Mini Me, I promise that once the snow melts I will take you to every zoo in New England so that you can see all of the camels and elephants that live in a 200 mile radius. How's that?

But, the aquarium was full of fun, nonetheless. Mini Me was a little baffled by the properties of glass. While pressing her face against the enclosure for the harbor seals, one swam right up to her. Mini Me jumped back so fast, you'd think he was coming at her for a diaper change.

In the middle of the aquarium, and I dare say, the best part of the place, is the Giant Ocean Tank (You can actually see live video from the tank by clicking on the's pretty cool). In the middle of the building stands this round tank, with walkways that spiral all the way around until you get to the very top. Mini me could stand at one of the windows all day long and watch the fish, sharks, turtles and rays swim past. In all fairness, every time a shark swam past, she did ask for a hug and clung to us until the shark had skulked away. She also thought the Rays were flying in the water and stood there flapping her wings in imitation.

Overall, it was a fun day. We didn't really see any of the other exhibits, the seals and Giant Ocean Tank were about it. The penguins weren't as much of a hit as the last time we were there, and she really had minimal interested in the other smaller fish tanks. Although, she did push another little girl out of the way, while shouting "share" because the other girl was trying to look though the same several foot wide (read: plenty of space for 3 children) window. She went to story time in the Curious George Discovery Corner and had a cookie in the cafe. And, yes, she's still asking about the camels.......

On the way out, Mini Me did enjoy meeting "Sharkie":

Some more pictures from the aquarium:

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Anonymous said...

I know what she means. Bring on Spring!!!!!Great picutre of her with her reflection in the tank. Can't wait to see you guys.

Love you,