Wednesday, February 11, 2009

D is for Date

D is for Date.

This is not a post I was hoping to write for at least 10 more years, but here I am. (Let's just keep this little post to ourselves, mmkay? 'Cause I'm thinking Daddy won't be so thrilled with this).

Today started, as all weekdays do, at 5:30am. Awesome.

But today, Mini Me was especially cranky and by 7am I made her go back to sleep. Otherwise, we would not have survived the morning. Just wasn't gonna happen. So, at 9am when Mini Me woke up fully rested and in a much better mood (as was mommy) we got dressed and set out for the day.

First stop was the Valentines Day party at the local toy store where they were giving out cookies and doing crafts and story time. That was fun, but just picture a small toy shop in town with 30 small kids, their moms, cookies and toys--in boxes. Total chaos would be an understatement. They do have a few areas with toys to play with, including the ever popular train table.

Mini Me loves trains. However, she's not quite understanding the whole train table etiquette. Basically, she grabs as many trains as she can and holds on to them for dear life while watching the other kids move their trains along the tracks. If one train comes within her reach-swoop- it ends up in her clutches. Sadly, this leads to some protesting as I have to pry the trains from her clammy little hands to give it back to the poor little kid she stole it from.

Luckily, as much as she loves trains and the toy store, she still loves Gymbo more. So, off we went for stop number 2 on our adventure. And, really this is where the cuteness that inspired this post occurred. (Bet you are glad I made you read all that crap about the toy store when it had nothing to do with the original point of the post, huh?)

Today was open play gym, so we just can go in and use the equipment for 90 minutes. Awesome way to burn off all those cookies she just ate at the party. She was playing well with the other kids, many of whom were younger than her by quite a bit (picture the not quite 1 year old barely walking set). She was sharing the toys, giving out hugs and spouting words of encouragement as they tried to climb the ever daunting foam stairs. I was just beaming with pride.

But, it was almost 12 noon, and I was hungry. I figured that Mini Me probably was as well, so I asked her if she was ready to go get lunch. She said, "OK". But, then she did something that we must never speak of to Daddy. She went up to one boy she had been playing with who actually happened to be around her age. She asked him, "Lunch? Lunch with me?". Now, the gymboree teacher, the boys mom, and I all stood there laughing hysterically as Mini Me asked this little boy out for lunch.

Sadly, boy's mom informed Mini Me that they would not be able to join us for lunch today. Phew! But, it was super cute. My little girl is making friends and becoming a social butterfly. I love it, but let's hope the obsession with boys isn't starting this early!

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