Monday, July 20, 2009

B is for baseball

B is for baseball.

Last night, we took Mini Me to see a baseball game. No, it wasn't a major league game, but a little local game. She really has no clue of the difference (to tell you the truth, I couldn't distinguish between AA, AAA or whatever the different designations for minor league ball are either. That's hubby's job.).

But, Mini Me LOVED it. She was so excited to see baseball live. She stood there, along the rail, watching the game for quite a while. She clapped, cheered, and danced. She high-fived the mascot, narrated the game for us, and yelled for the players. Of course, she also had her fill of cotton candy and ice cream.

She lasted through 7 innings, and when hubby and I decided that since it was after 7:15, we would head home, she didn't even fight us. She held our hand and asked if she would see baseball again. And, surprisingly enough, despite having enough sugar in her system to fill a sugar bowl, she came home and went to bed without so much as a hint of resistance.

It was a wonderful summer night. Our next new adventure might be the drive-in.... We'll see.

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