Tuesday, July 21, 2009

B is for binkie

B is for binkie.

So, yesterday, I took Mini Me to Babies R Us with me as I bought a ton of little stuff we needed to get for the upcoming arrival of "baby sister". Just random stuff like bottle brushes and binkies.

Um, yeah. That's where the issue is. Mini Me is very uncomfortable having binkies around. When I picked them up in the store, she started yelling, "no, put them back! put them back!"

I have tried to explain that they are for "baby sister" but she still doesn't seem happy about it. She certainly isn't acting likes she wants to use them, so I think she is exhibiting some "I'm a big girl, don't make me use baby stuff" behavior. All of this has to be confusing for the poor child. I mean, we tell her she's a big girl for using the potty so well, and sleeping in her big girl bed. But, at the same time, we have been brought in a crib, bottles and binkies that she associates with babies, without a baby in sight. Ah, the mind of a 2 year old....

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