Monday, September 21, 2009

Apple Peach Picking

Mini Me is just bursting with energy these days, and we decided to take advantage of the beautiful early fall weather. We found a farm to go fruit picking, and they had a lot of other activities going on.

We had intended on going apple picking. Not that we really love apples or anything. In fact, I still have a bowl of apples sitting here from 2 weeks ago when I went grocery shopping. And, let's face it. I'm not about to make apple pies....not gonna happen.

But, it's all about the experience, right? Well, sort of. When we got to the orchard, we found out that for a small bag of apples, was $20. Ummmm, no. I could go to the store and buy the same bag of apples for $3.99. So, we decided to pick peaches instead. Again, we weren't in the market for pounds and pounds of peaches. A dozen was more than enough.

We also ended up with another pumpkin and had some ice cream and took a hayride. We had to bribe Mini Me with candy to get her out of the bounce house.

We had hoped that a few hours running around outside would help burn off some of that energy. Not so much....

But, here are some pictures of our day:

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