Thursday, September 17, 2009


I know, I know. It's a little early for Pumpkins. Believe me...October has been looming on the calendar in my mind for several months now.

But, since I already have Mini Me's Halloween costume, and I've got the house decorated for fall, and we might be a bit busy in the coming weeks (can't imagine why? ::looks over at ticker, and promptly reaches for a paper bag to breathe into::), I thought that after the fall fest this weekend where we got a mini pumpkin, we'd just go ahead and decorate it.

Mini Me was not in a good mood yesterday (AND, she didn't nap...which only compounded the problem..oh, yes. That's the next post...)

But, we tried. Here is the pumpkin...notice that Mini Me does not look very thrilled with the experience.

And, I got a new camera,, I've been playing around with it while Mini Me was freaking out in her room yesterday. Here is Poli...he looks thrilled to be the test subject, doesn't he?

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