Thursday, October 29, 2009

Letters to My Girls

Dear "Little Sister",

Wow, you are a month old today! It seems like it has gone by so quickly, and yet, that you have been a part of our lives forever. I am finding it hard to remember what it felt like to be pregnant with you. As I struggle to remember those sweet little kicks, I stare at you and am amazed all over again at how much of a miracle babies are.

It's been a month of ups and downs. We've been back and forth to the doctor quite a few times this month because you have been a little slow to gain weight. And, while it's been worrisome, I'm sure in 30 years you'll look back at this and wish you had trouble gaining weight. But, you are doing well now, and have gained almost a whole pound in this last week.

You have also started to experiment with your voice a little. I can't wait to hear more of your little coo's. It's the sweetest sound in the world. You have also become much more alert and aware of your surroundings. Toys are starting to interest you, and you love to watch your big sister play. (She loves to play with you, and especially loves to bounce you in your bouncy chair.) You are starting to get better control of your head, and are able to lift it up briefly when on your tummy. Once you master that, you will have a lot more fun!

Happy 1 month, "little sister"!


Dear Mini Me,

So, how do you like being a big sister? Not really what you thought it would be, is it? Despite all the visits to the midwives, the books we read, the class we took, and all the plans and preparations we made, there really was no way we could have possibly conveyed to you all the ways that your life was about to change.

But, you have handled it better than we could have ever hoped for. From unexpectedly having to be in the delivery room in the middle of the night, to having to share mommy and daddy's attention and even being asked to share your brand new 'big girl' room, you went from being an only child to being the older child.

You are at an age where flexibility and patience are not really your top priorities. You what what you want, and you want it now. That's understandable. You are becoming more independent and want to try out those new wings. I hope that we are doing a good job supporting you to try to do things for yourself, but still giving you the love and security of knowing that mom and dad are always there to help you...even if you have to wait a few minutes.

There are moments when I have felt frustrated because I cannot devote 100% of my attention to both you and your sister. It breaks my heart to see you act out for attention. You are an amazing little girl and so much fun. You are smart, funny, and very outgoing. Having a little sister has certainly changed so many aspects of your life. I am very thankful that you have been as understanding as you have been. I promise that in the next couple of weeks, life will start to seem more 'normal' again.

My "mommy guilt", however, is overwhelmed by the amazing feeling I get thinking about the relationship that you and your sister will have. Soon, she will be able to play (the day we brought her home from the hospital, you asked her to walk and play with you. Soon, she will be able to!). I can't wait! So, while there are still rough patches ahead, there are also many fun things to look forward to. I hope that someday, you will be just as happy to have a little sister, and we are to have both of you beautiful girls in our lives.


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Bautiful letters to the girls :-)