Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear Fisher Price:

I believe that the Rainforest Jumperoo needs to have a warning label and possibly be categorized as a medical device. Despite whatever it was designed to do, it has one surefire result: blowout diapers.

Every time either of my children have been in this product, massive amounts of poop has shot up out of their diapers with more force than a space shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral. If we have the misfortune of having the child in a onesie or some other item that needs to be pulled over their head....well, let's just say I've destroyed my fair share of Gerber Onesies by cutting them off my child to prevent poo from getting on her head.

(Sorry for the any non-parent readers out there. That was probably something you didn't need to read, but all the mommies- know what I'm sayin'.)

Or, perhaps you could include some Oxyclean Laundry Spray, diaper coupons or bath soap, for us mommies that are constantly cleaning up poop after our children use this toy.

Both of my children have loved this product. But, it would be more aptly named: the Rainforest Pooperoo, since that's what us Mommies call it.


A Mommy tired of cleaning up poop.