Friday, January 22, 2010

She'll outgrow it...hopefully

You may remember, that Mini Me was Abby for Halloween. That costume was well worth the money because is has provided many hours of entertainment.

Like everything else in Mini Me's world, the obsession lasts a few days and then it's on to something else. Then, just as with fashion, everything old is new again. After weeks of not dressing up, Mini Me has now worn her Abby costume 3 solid days-taking it off only to eat, sleep and potty.

Here she is playing school in her costume. Daddy says she's not going to school in her fairy costume. I assured him that she'll outgrow it...hopefully.

Oh, yes. And, she's practicing her new skills of using scissors (I know its a skill she needs to learn, but I'm already having visions of her coming up to me with a chunk of hair in her hand, which could belong to her, Sweet Pea or possibly even the dog...) This new skill has made a lot of extra cleaning up because of all these tiny little paper triangles that litter the playroom floor now. Because, clearly I don't have enough to do. ::side eyes the messy playroom::

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Anne said...

So funny. I laughed out loud about the hair cutting...Looks like she's doing pretty good with the scissors in spite of the little pieces of paper :-)