Monday, March 15, 2010


Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that there is quite a water issue in the northeast (among other places around the country). Record amounts of rain have fallen in the past few days. The water just has no place to go.

Tonight, we are feeling very fortunate that we live at the top of a hill. 3 years ago, we lived in the same apartment complex, but in the middle. We moved up to this building because the apartment was larger and had a washer/dryer in the unit. Since Mini Me was about to be born, we thought that was a good idea.
Turns out it was. Not only for the extra space and convenience, but because....

This is what has become of the pretty waterfall across from the tennis courts:

The dam collapsed and water rushed out of the pond. That was a grassy area with a bench you are looking at there. Well, now its just water, mud, and a collapsed sidewalk & parking lot.

So, all that water is rushing over the grass and down to here:

That's a road, or at least what is left of it, in front of the tennis courts. And, yup. That's a car, that got swept sideways and got stuck when the dam burst.

At least one building in our complex has been evacuated due to flooding and sewage backing up into apartments on the bottom floor.

If were were still living in the old building, we would be completely stranded. Further down this road which leads out of the complex to the main road, there is more flooding due to another dam breech. So, that end of the complex is closed as well. Our old building and several others are right between way out. So, out of all of the buildings only a couple of us are able to get in/out of the complex at all. We have power, water, toilets that are not backed up, and cars that are not under water. We are thankful. And, hopeful that the rain stops soon.'
Here are basically the same pictures, just taken with a camera (instead of a cell phone) with actual 100% organic SUNSHINE. The flood waters are starting to recede, but not by much. Besides, the way the dam collapsed, the debris is blocking the area, so the water has no where to go except to go over the grass and down here to the road.

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Anne said...'re so lucky you are where you are. Hope it stops raining soon.