Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm here, I'm here!

Wow, so I've failed at updating this blog lately.

But, I have a very good reason. We are in the middle of a big move. Well, big for us anyway. We are packing up and moving out of state. OK, so it's really less than 100 miles, but still. It's a whole new state, people.

And, I have two small kids. I fully believe that there will be more boxes of kids' stuff, than all the other boxes in the house combined. True Story. It really is insane. Good thing our new place will have a huge playroom.

Anyway, let's see. What else has been going on in our world...

Mini Me loves her swim lessons. She even floated on her back, completely on her own for 10 seconds last week. That was pretty impressive. She is having so much fun. Soccer has not been such a success. There are just way to many kids in the class for the instructor to control and he's not really good at this age group. I think he'd be great with 5 year olds, but the 3 year old crowd...not so much.

Sweet Pea is teething and not really happy about that.

But, this week there was a breakthrough in relations between Mini Me and Sweet Pea. For the past 5.5 months, Mini Me has generally tolerated Sweet Pea. Occasionally taking a swing at her, occasionally giving her a hug, but for the most part ignoring her. I'm beginning to see the change happening. As Sweet Pea becomes more interactive, Mini Me is changing too. In some regards, she's more possessive of her things. Now that Sweet Pea can reach out and grab stuff, Mini Me is starting to realize that the toys are becoming mutual property.

The most amazing thing that I see, though, is the positive interactions starting to increase. The other day I had Sweet Pea sitting on my lap and Mini Me sat next to us. She started singing and Sweet Pea just smiled and watched her intently for a moment and then started "singing" along. They giggled back and forth and it was the most precious thing in the world to me. I need to capture it on video.

Mini Me has been a little rough lately, but I think other than just being 3, she's dealing with all the turmoil. We saw an increase in her acting out just before Christmas. I think all the hype got to her. Then things settled down until we started of 3 weeks of birthday celebration and preparation for the move. But, once we get up there and get settled, I'm hopeful that she will settle back into a routine.

Well, that is that. More updates to come.

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