Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Great Flood, Part Deux

Ugh! So, it's raining again/still/more.

All this rain has contributed to a second round of flooding. Early this morning, the girls and I were heading to the mall to burn some money energy, and the one entrance to our complex was closed due to water flowing across the road. As it turned out, the entire road outside the complex was closed.

By the time we came back a few hours later, several other roads (that we had just.been.on) were closed due to the flooding (yikes! phew!) and to top it off, water was bubbling up and flooding the middle of the complex, again. I actually saw an idiot drive through it. ::eye roll::

I, for one, will not be driving through it. I have no doubt that my SUV would make it through the 6 inches or so of water, but.... that whole dam that broke a couple weeks ago? They 'repaired' it with just a pile of loose rocks. I can't say that I really have a whole lot of faith in that holding back the raging flood waters, not to mention the fact that water bubbling up from underneath the sidewalk does not do a whole lot to make me believe in its structural integrity.

No pictures since it's pouring rain and I'm just not as dedicated to becoming a famous blogger as I am to keeping my kids dry. And, my standards for "fame" are pretty low, so that's saying something. Just scroll back a few posts. It's pretty much the same, but different.

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