Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 5

It was Valentine's Day, so we headed to Epcot.

Sweet Pea was very impressed with the 'big ball'.  We rode Spaceship Earth and the Nemo ride.  The girls loved all the tanks.

We had late breakfast reservations with the princesses at Akershaus.  It was a very nice breakfast and we saw all the princesses again.

(Funny side note:  At some point before breakfast, a seagull pooped on Mini Me's back.  We didn't notice it until we were headed in to breakfast.  So, we just had her put her jacket back on and decided we would get her a new shirt after breakfast.)

After breakfast, we started walking around World Showcase to find her a new shirt.  But, we happened to get to China just minutes before Mulan was going to arrive, so we just got in line...completely forgetting about Mini Me's shirt.  It was sunny and warm, so Mini Me took off her jacket--and met Mulan with bird poop on her.  LOL  Whoops.   In any case, Mulan was extremely nice and took so much time with the girls. We immediately went to get a new shirt for Mini Me and then got in line for Aladdin and Jasmine.  They were also very nice and took a lot of time to discuss all of Mini Me's pins with her.  They also took a pic with Sweet Pea, who was asleep in the stroller.

Hubby and I went to Disney on our honeymoon in February 2006.  At that time, Epcot was selling "Leave a Legacy" tiles and we purchased one.  So, on our way out of the park, we stopped to find our legacy tile. We found it and as it turns out Friday night-when we will be coming back to Epcot without kids for a date night- will be exactly 6 years to the day that we had that picture taken. How awesome is that?!?

We headed back to the hotel and went swimming. The girls had a lot of fun. We ate at the food court then headed back to Magic Kingdom for some more fun and fireworks. We saw Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Tiana and Prince Naveen before finding a spot for the fireworks. The Magic, Memories and You show was very cool and of course the fireworks were amazing.  We had a great spot and Tinkerbell flew right over us!

Then the mass exodus began and we started walking along until we found and empty part if sidewalk that we ducked onto to wait out the crowd. When it died down, we continued on and made our way to the bus stop where there was huge crowd. We finally got on a bus and there were no seats left. Hubby had the stroller and I was carrying Sweet Pea and holding until Mini Me. Thankfully, some young gentleman who did not speak English gave up his seat, so I could sit with the kids on my lap.

The kids were asleep within minutes of getting back to our room.  We made some last minute dining changes and went to bed.  It was another wonderfully exhausting day.

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