Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 7

We started the morning with breakfast at Crystal Palace with Pooh and Friends in the Magic Kingdom.

We then went to see Tinkerbell and Terrance was there too.

While we were waiting, Mini Me crossed the magical blue line, and the CM made her walk the plank.  It was awesome!

Took sweet pea on the Magic Carpets and she loved it. Then the girls wanted to do Small World.

I convinced Mini Me to try Buzz but she hated it.  So, we went on the People Mover and the kids saw the Buzz Meeting & Greet, so we headed for that. We went back to Town Square to see the princesses and found Daisy along the way.  Sweet Pea loved her shoes.  We did a little shopping and took the railroad again.  While we were on the train, we saw the meeting spot for Woody and Jessie so we headed there for a picture.  We finally go Sweet Pea the balloon she had been asking for and Goofy sang Mini Me Happy Birthday on the phone at the package pick up location.  As we left Magic Kingdom, we stopped to say goodbye to the Castle and Hubby surprised me with a watch he had secretly bought for me.

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