Thursday, December 25, 2008

M is for Merry Christmas!

M is for Merry Christmas!

Well, Mini Me is getting 5 "Christmas" days this year. Well, that is to say, 5 different opportunities to open presents.

Since we are traveling for Christmas, "Santa" came early and we did presents on Sunday. Mini Me opened the first present, and it was a large Dora sticker/coloring book. That was a mistake. Next year, Santa needs to leave a note to mom about which presents Mini Me will get "stuck" on. Once she had that Dora book, it was rather difficult to convince her to open anything else.

But, after a while, she moved on to the next item, and then it clicked. She had a little difficulty getting each package started, but clearly understood the concept. Like a pro, she was opening the packages, throwing the clothes aside and moving on in search of other more exciting presents. She would feel them and decide which she wanted to open next with an exclamation of "more!" By the next couple of visits from Santa this week, she's going to be a present opening maniac. It's a good thing Santa mainly brought clothes and other "boring" stuff instead of would have taken HOURS to get through them.

Merry Christmas!!!

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