Wednesday, December 10, 2008

U is for Umbrella

U is for Umbrella.

As some of you may know, Mini Me has an unnatural obsession with her raincoat. It has giraffe's on it and it is cute. Anytime she has to put on any coat, she stands at the closet demanding her giraffe rain coat. Now that it's winter here in New England, it's just not warm enough, so I've actually hidden the coat until spring. (Although, she did wear it when we went to vote on Election Day, which was warm and sunny...a perfect day for a rain coat!)

Anyway, back to the story.

Mini Me has this puzzle and it has pieces like "hat", "backpack", "boots", "raincoat" and "umbrella". The other night as hubby and I were playing puzzles with her, Mini Me grabbed the "umbrella" piece, held it over her head and started running around the house shouting "It's raining, It's raining" Followed by "uh-oh--raincoat, raincoat!"

We love to watch these moments when she makes connections and we get a glimpse into her thought process. It truly is amazing.

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