Monday, December 22, 2008

V is for Visit with Santa

V is for Visit with Santa.
Last year, we took Mini Me to see Santa. It went something like this:

And, cost something like this:


This year, we assumed the Mini Me was still not going to be thrilled with a visit to see the big man. We have been teaching her "santa" and she says "ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas", but something just doesn't translate yet. I took her to the mall for a preliminary "test the waters" kind of deal. We walked past and I pointed him out. We circled back and stopped. There was a life size santa built out of Legos. That was a big draw. The "real" Santa that was standing there to greet her.....not so much. She eyed him with caution briefly, then looked everywhere except at him. I did get her to stand next to him for just an instant, that that was about it.

So, we decided that it was not worth the nearly $30 they were asking to get another picture of her trying to escape from the clutches of the big man. However, big kudos to Bass Pro Shops who have their own little Winter Wonderland set up, complete with FREE visits/pictures with Santa, coloring station, reindeer, train and elves, not to mention the regular attractions of the fish and stuffed animals that Mini Me loves so much. So, we decided to take her there in the hopes that she would at least have a little fun.

It went something like this:

Now, free doesn't exactly equal the best quality...even the original picture is quite blurry. But, at least we have a picture. Note that mom had to actually hold her, since Mini Me wasn't really in a "sit on a strange man's lap" kind of mood. Who can blame her really?
So, there's a look at then and now. What a difference a year makes, huh?

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