Monday, April 13, 2009

E is for Easter

E is for Easter.

This very well may be Mini Me's favorite holiday. Not only is it filled with cute little bunnies and baby chicks, but also chocolate and colorful eggs with prizes inside. What could be better?

Mini Me had a great time coloring Easter Eggs. And, surprisingly, hardly made a mess at all. Mom did go through a lot of trouble protecting the table, floor and Mini Me herself, from the egg dye, but all the precautions turned out to be unnecessary. In fact, Mom made more of a mess pouring the vinegar into the cups than Mini Me did putting the eggs in them!
Here are some pictures from the egg coloring session:

Trying to use those crazy egg dippers

Who needs the egg dipper? I'll just use my hands!

How exciting!

Adding stickers (note: the mess on her sleeves is from a previous painting project)

The finished product!

Mini Me also enjoyed finding the plastic eggs that were hidden. Next year, the Easter Bunny needs to do a better job of hiding them, because she was pretty quick to find them all. She also enjoyed opening them up to find the prizes inside.

Back away from my bunny, momma! (Yes, this *is* actually the look she gave me when I asked for a bite)
It's MILK chocolate, therefore, it counts as a dairy serving...right?

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