Friday, April 17, 2009

O is for Oh what a night!

O is for Oh what a night!

And, not so much in a good way.

Mini Me fell asleep around 7:30pm last night. At 11pm, she started screaming and would not settle. After a few tries to get her back to bed, we gave up and brought her into our bed. That is virtually unheard of and has happened less than a handful of times in her entire life.

Sadly, she still wouldn't settle, and even if she had, between daddy, pregnant mommy, dog and toddler who for such a small person takes up a lot of room in the bed....there was just no sleep to be had for anyone.

So, after a few more attempts and sleeping arrangements, I finally decided that Mini Me was going back to her room, and I put the portable DVD player in there with her. Almost 2 hours later, she was *still* awake and was now crying again. There's was nothing we could do, so poor Mini Me screamed her head off for a bit and then was quiet...for 3 hours until she was up at regular time and super cranky. Really? Couldn't we sleep in?

No, I guess not. ::yawn::

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Anonymous said...

Hi, For your sake I hope she naps today.

Love you,