Wednesday, May 13, 2009

L is for Longest Day Ever

L is for Longest Day Ever...and it's only 8:30am!

So, we were up at 6am. So far, here's what we've done:

Had breakfast
Cleaned up from breakfast
Got dressed
Made the bed
Had 2 cups of coffee
Emptied the dishwasher
Played "trains"
Watched an hour of TV
Listed 10 items on Craigslist
Gathered items that are being picked up tomorrow (see side not below)
Made a "to-do" list
Decided on an Art Easel and checked that it was "in stock"
Checked e-mail
Wrote this post

So, ummmm, yeah. Still waiting for anything to open. It's only 8:30am!!! It's going to be the

*side note: Since we are decorating the girls' room, we are selling Mini Me's original nursery set. I was so excited when someone responded to the Craigslist ad. She is coming tomorrow to pick it up. As I started to gather the pieces together, I felt really sad. The light switch plate, the pictures on the wall, the lamp....they have all be in her room for more than 2 years. They were there before she was born. And now, they aren't. While she hasn't used the bedding or mobile in ages, the other decorations were there as that reminder of our little baby. Her room looks so empty. I can't wait until we get her room set up next month. Until then, it's going to be a bit depressing in there.

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