Tuesday, May 5, 2009

B is for Bedding, part 2

B is for Bedding, part 2

I still cannot decide on bedding. And, the bedding I referred to in the last post...well, I like the flowers, but I wish the background color was yellow. I really am not a fan of green with those other colors. There is a beautiful set I was looking at that was a nice shade of green with pink. That was very nice.

I'm also considering, this bedding: Daisy or maybe Garden but, neither of these go with the room decorations I have picked out. So, therein lies the problem. I am trying to find bedding to match decorations. I can't seem to find any decorations that match any of the beddings I like.

There are lots of beautiful sets, but I'm trying to decorate a room for 2 kids. I have found lots of these bedding sets that I would gladly use for Mini Me's bed. However, add in the "extras" and it doesn't mesh. So, we may end up decorating the room, and going with a solid color quilt for the bed. After all, Mini Me will grow up, and need another bedding set eventually anyway. And, by then, hopefully the kids will not be sharing a room, so then they can each have their own style.

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