Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bikes R Us

Not so much.

Mini Me asked for a bike a while ago, and I promised her that when we got to our new house, we would buy her a bike.  And, so we did.

I got her in the car and we made the trip to our neighborhood Target.  We were trying to decide what size bike was appropriate for her.  The store only had a 12" on display, but not the 16".  So, we went to Wally world.  No bikes in her size.  So, I begrudgingly went to the toy store.  You know, the one with the big backwards R.  The one that I have now sworn that I will never step foot in again. (There are other reasons besides this stupidity that has led me to despise this chain store.  This is just the final scam straw).

Mini Me spent several minutes on and off the various bikes and with the "help" of a sales dude, I decide to stick with the 12" (so, FYI, that means that we could have gotten an almost identical bike at Target).  Anyway, she picks one and sales dude asks if we want one in the box or assembled for an additional fee.  I ask for one in a box and he grabs the ticket and tells me to meet him at the register.

So, I'm in the store with a 3 year old on the verge of a meltdown because she didn't want to get off the bike and didn't believe me that the dude was going to meet us up front with her brand new bike.  We finally get up there and the dude comes and says they don't have anymore.   

Wait for it....

And that my choices are wait until Tuesday when they get more in (um, really?  I promised my kid we were going to get a bike.  We are waiting to pay for said bike.  Waiting 3 days is not an option)  My other "choice" was to pay the additional assembly fee and take the floor model.  I guess my third option was to just go back to Target, but at that point, the kid was going to be heartbroken if we left without the bike she picked out.

So, as I'm loading up the assembled bike into the car.....  LOL

We get home and she wants to ride it that very instant:

And that was it. We tried to get her outside to ride it, and she refused. So, the princess bike that was such a headache to get, sat untouched for weeks. Memorial Day weekend, we actually convinced her to give it a try. It was only a few minutes, but she had fun and in the end, that's all that matters.

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