Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Look Mom, no hands!

Today at art group, while I was helping Mini Me scoop the ice cream we had just made into her cup, Sweet Pea crawled over to me and pulled herself up.  I felt her let go but since I was busy trying to keep the icy cold goodness I had just spent 10 minutes freezing my hands off to make from melting before Mini Me got a chance to eat it...I didn't look over at first.  But, when I finally did, I was mesmerized by the beaming little face staring up at me...standing all by herself.

Of course, then she got wicked excited and started to wave her arms, lost her balance and fell onto her cushioned bum.  But still.  She stood all.by.her.self!!!!  Yay!

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Anne said...

Yay!!!!!Walking before you know it....