Friday, August 5, 2011

Feed the Fridays

As I mentioned last week, I feel like we're in a bit of a rut with lunches.  So, I've been on a search for some awesome new ideas.  I turned to the blogosphere and have not been disappointed.  With an abundance of food-related content and a plethora of mommy bloggers, there are more than enough resources combining the two interests.

Some of the awesome new blogs I have come across are:

In the Kitchen with Audrey
The Menu Mom

I can't wait to check out some of these recipes and ideas!

In the meantime, we made Energy Balls.  There are a million variations for these.  I followed this recipe loosely.  This time, I simply made them with granola & oats.  I'm planning to do a batch with granola, oats and raisins and a batch with granola, oats and chocolate chips.

Even the plain jane version of these were so good that at least one of us *may* have eaten them instead of a meal today.  Just sayin'.  And, if you make them-- do yourself a favor.  Serve well chilled (or even frozen).  Much more satisfying.

I also baked a batch of corn dog muffins.

Mini Me will be starting Preschool for the first time in a couple of wee-----------------  (sorry, my heart stopped there for a minute...)  weeks.  ::deep breath::   We've started talking to her what kind of healthy snacks she'd like, and she got to pick out her "lunchbox".  So, any suggestions for healthy snacks?  What fun but filling stuff do you send with your kids?

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