Thursday, August 11, 2011

Goldilocks and the 3 backpacks

Mini Me is going to be starting preschool in a few weeks.  We have started shopping for clothes and getting things in order.

One of the most important items is, of course, a backpack.  (Not really sure what a preschooler needs to lug around....?)

We currently have 3:

  • A green frog knapsack
  • A toddler size Dora backpack
  • A full size Minnie Mouse backpack

Mini Me decided that the full size one is too big.

The frog one is too small.

The Dora one is just right, except...

It's Dora.  After telling me that the Dora backpack fit the best, she paused and said, "But, I hope the other kids don't laugh at me.  Big girls don't like Dora, only babies like Dora."

Well now.  Haven't we just taken another huge leap forward through the realm of social awareness?!?  

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