Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 2 of Potty Training

The day started at 5:30am. Why Mini Me feels the need to be up that early, I have no idea.

Anyway, our first "almost" was at 5:45. Mini Me started to pee and a scooped her up and sat her on the potty where she finished. OK.

7:30 I'm checking my e-mail and Mini Me is playing in the playroom. I look over and she's sitting on the potty saying "pee". I go over and she had MADE IT TO THE POTTY COMPLETELY ON HER OWN!!!!! (Well, she didn't pull down her underwear, but was awesome!!)

9:15 another "almost", but this time she started to pee, but with only a verbal prompt, she stopped and ran to the potty herself.

By 11:15, she was ready for a nap, but I was holding out because I *knew* she needed to pee again any second. Waiting...waiting... Finally decided to do lunch. She ate, played for a couple of minutes. I reminded her that if she needed to pee, she should go on the potty. She folded her arms and said, "I quit!". Uh oh! But, then miraculously, 2 seconds later, ran to the potty, sat down (yes, still in her underwear) and peed. Awesome!

Now, what to do about the underwear situation?? I think just ditch the underwear for now? Hmm, I'll have to mull it over during nap time.

As of now, nothing new to report. Mini Me woke up from her nap wet (not a surprise) and hasn't peed since. She's due any second now. She's been up for just about 2 hours, so I'm on pee watch.

5:05 and she pees while riding her Pooh least she didn't poo on her Pooh car. And, is devestated when she doesn't get a sticker.

6:45 starts to pee on the floor, and get's scooped up and moved to the potty. Got a sticker, even though it wasn't a true success.

Today, stickers were given for "almosts". Tomorrow, no dice. Stickers are only for true successful potty attempts.

Hmm..actually rethinking the sticker thing. Mini Me found one of her sticker books, and has been attempting to sneak extra stickers onto the chart. Note to self: search the house for sticker books and hide them.

Daddy is taking over while I go to work. Mini Me will be heading to bed shortly anyway. All in all, the day was much more successful that I would have thought. Here's hoping that tomorrow goes at least as well, if not better!

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