Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 3 of Potty Training

Ok, well, really day 2.5 since Day 1 was really only a few hours.

Since I was working, Daddy was responsible for the first few hours today. He reports that she did not pee from the time she got up (sometime a little after 5am) until the time we made the hand off...which was around 8:30. Hmmmm, that doesn't seem right.

Anyway, I gave Mini Me a snack and drink, and then a few minutes after 9, Mini Me once again had an "almost". I think the new-ness and excitement are wearing off and she's getting annoyed with the reminders.

I think that I am just about at the point where I will just not say anything anymore, and let her figure it out. She's recognizing when she is peeing, and as evidenced by yesterdays 2 complete successes, is capable of recognizing the need to go ahead of time. So, let's not turn this into a power struggle. There are no more daytime diapers, and she'll just figure out what to do about that... problem. She hasn't pooped since Monday, which is quite unusual for her. Not sure how to address that. She hasn't asked for a diaper, and seems to not be "attached" to them at any emotional level like some kids. She loves her underwear.

So, that's it for the day. I'm just going to let her have at it, and see what happens.

By 12:30 she still has not peed, so pull up is on and she's off to bed for her nap. I am sure she will pee during her nap....

Yup, woke up at 3pm with a wet pull up. But, that's OK. I'm not talking about it anymore, and we'll just see what happens.

Ha ha ha. I was right. At 4:30 while I was in the other room on the phone with Daddy, Mini Me apparently decided to pee on the potty. I came into the living room and found her sitting there. She said "all done" and jumped up...and she was! The floor wasn't wet, so she evidently made it in time. YAY!!!

And, yet again! At 6:45 we were playing in the playroom, and she just got up, walked over to the potty and went pee. No reminders from me or anything. How awesome is this kid?

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