Friday, November 20, 2009

B-I-N-G-Oh, NO!

Note about the title: I'm desperately trying to make this story not nearly as terrifying as it really feels. Hubby says we'll laugh about this in 10 years, but at the moment, I see NOTHING remotely funny about it.

As some of you may know, my two biggest fears when it comes to my kids' lives are choking and drowning. In fact, I am so afraid of choking, that when Mini Me started eating solid foods, I routinely cut blueberries into 8 pieces. And, I even cut a few large ones into 16 pieces. Yes, you read that right. I cut a single blueberry in 16 pieces. (Borderline neurotic? Yup. )

Last night, Little Sister was in her bouncy seat and Mini Me was sitting next to her. This past week, Mini Me has been much better with Little Sister and they seem to be enjoying each other. So, Mini Me was talking to her and playing. She even wiped Little Sisters mouth when she spit up. I was standing about 2 feet away, facing them (because Mini Me can still be a little rough even with the hugs) folding laundry.

I see Mini Me trying to put something in Little Sisters mouth. At first, I assume it was the paci, but as I'm watching, I realize there's no paci in Mini Me's hand. I dove towards them and pulled Mini Me away only to find 2 of these little plastic bingo discs in Little Sister's mouth.

Now, I know that Mini Me has no idea how dangerous that was, but OMG! I was completely terrified. So, that particular game found it's way to the trash and all other games/toys with pieces that are really small are in the closet and can only come out fully supervised. Thankfully, Little Sister didn't even seem to notice there was anything in her mouth. She hadn't gagged or choked, so I think I got to her in time. There's still a lingering thought in my mind that she has swallowed one. How will I know?

And, of course, in the middle of the night, Little Sister starts coughing and my heart almost stopped for a second time because I was then convinced she had swallowed one. But, as it turns out, she sounds like she has a stuffy nose, and I think she's just not feeling well. The timing was kind of suspect though, so I'm still watching her closely for any signs of distress.

What a start to the weekend!

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