Monday, November 30, 2009

New Doctor = FAIL

I think I've said a few times that I love our pediatricians office. Yet, here I am again with another RANT about them. (I'd just like to note that none of my complaints have involved our regular pedi-she's out on maternity leave right now, and I CAN.NOT.WAIT for her to be back.)

A few weeks ago at one of Little Sister's checks, she got a second dose of the hep b vaccine. I didn't ask for it, but the NP we saw suggested that since she was old enough, she could have it so that at her 2 month visit, she wouldn't have as many all at the same time. OK, sounded fine to me.

Fast forward to this morning at Little Sister's 2 month check-up. As is the case a lot these days-the earlier dose of the vaccine completely slipped my mind. The doctor was jabbing my little screaming baby with needles as I tried to keep tabs on my older child lest she reek havoc in the office. It wasn't until several hours later that the memory of last months shot struck me.

In a mild panic, I called the pedi's office. The nurse who called me back looked up her records and confirmed that yes, she had mistakenly received a dose of the vax today. She assured me that the CDC maintains that an extra dose is safe as up until recently most babies got 4 doses because of a combination vaccine that was being used. Also, she assured me that they would look into how their system failed to catch this and she would have the doctor call me.

My first thought is: Well, if it's safe to give 4 doses, why the switch to 3? Surely there had to be a reason why 4 aren't given anymore...

A little while later, I received a call from the doctor. While she again assured me that it was safe and posed no harm to the baby, I couldn't help but think how much they sounded like they were covering their own asses. She went on and on about how even if she had noticed it, she would have recommended proceeding with the extra dose to stay on schedule and that it was just a matter of a different style.

Um...that's where I have a problem. If you screw up, just say you screwed up. (Yes, I know they probably can't say that...malpractice and all) But, it makes me mad that the doctors don't follow the same protocols. I know that there are various opinions out there on vaccinations, just like everything else. But, if you all work together like that, at least be aware of that and follow the schedule of the child's primary pediatrician...or at least notice it and ask the parent if they have a preference.

Now, I am not in the anti-vaccination camp, so while I was mildly concerned that she had received 3 doses of a vax in only 2 months I'm more upset at the system (or lack thereof) to prevent similar or more dangerous errors. That being said, I will never let them vaccinate or prescribe medication without making them double check that it's right.

Other than that fiasco, the appointment was fine. Dr. said she looked great and was happy that she was rolling over.

At 2 months, Little Sister is 9 pounds 15 oz (25th percentile) and 23 inches (75th percentile).

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