Sunday, November 29, 2009

The reason stores NEED to be open on Thanksgiving Day..

In recent years, stores have started to open on Thanksgiving day. I've always thought that was crazy. Can't we live without Target/Walmart/Kmart for 1 freakin' day?!?!

Well, at least until Thanksgiving Day rolled around and hubby and I packed our 2 kids in the car headed to my parents. About an hour into the trip, I pulled out my pump only to realize I had forgotten half of the parts. CRAP!!!

Now, if it was just a matter of feeding the baby, I would have given her formula. And, that we could have easily found. But, finding all the parts I needed? Well, that wasn't going to be so easy. So, after a few frantic phone calls, we decided the only thing to do was to turn around and go home to get it. I was not going to risk tanking my supply.

I was in tears looking at the traffic that had started to build and thinking of an extra 3 hours in the car. But, everything worked out and looking back, it wasn't a big deal. Except that now, I firmly believe that stores should never close...

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