Tuesday, December 8, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Much to my husbands dismay, we put up the Christmas tree last week. Here's a pictorial account of how it went down.

While I was hiking through the forest to select and cut down the perfect tree pulling our artificial tree out of the box, Mini Me was supposed to be watching Snow White. I don't think she did.

Every 2.5 seconds I heard, "Is it ready yet?"

"Is it ready yet?"
"Is it ready yet?"

"Is it ready yet?"

"Is it ready yet?"

Are you tired of this yet? Because I could keep going. God knows she did.

After wanting to stuff my ears full of prickly fake pine needles for half an hour, the tree looked something like this:

It is a pre-lit tree, you know-just like in nature. So, I plugged that bad boy in and it looked something like:

Hmmm. So, I re-checked all the segments. Unplugged and re-plugged all the segments in still listening to "Is it ready yet?" And, it looked like this:

So, I dug through the boxes and found several strings of lights, and then it looked more like:

Finally, I was able to tell Mini Me that it was ready and gave her ornaments to decorate the tree.

What did she do? Throw a fit about not wanting to decorate the f'ing tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kid you not.

So, after almost an hour of begging me to decorate the tree, it took another half an hour to bribe convince her to do it:

(Excuse the crazy outfit, she's still having a hard time pulling her jeans down by herself, so at home, we live in pj bottoms and sweatpants so she can go potty by herself)

And, the final outcome:

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Anne said...

It looks really good!!!!