Saturday, December 12, 2009

We're weren't the only crazy ones...

Yesterday was by far, the coldest day we've had around here in many months. The wind was pretty strong, which added to the artic chill.

But, we had planned a few weeks ago to take Mini Me to an outdoor activity last night because we knew that hubby would have the day off and we'd be able to get there when the place opened and be out of there before it got too crowded (Mini Me isn't one for waiting in lines).

Well, we were a little behind schedule, but we just beat the rush. The place was kinda neat, tons of light displays and stuff. The biggest draw for Mini Me was the train ride. And, at least it was out of the wind and semi-warm. I'm really glad we decided to get on the train when we did because by the time we got off, the line had gotten really long. And, the place was starting to get busy.

Did I mention that it was freezing last night. Like, in the 20's???? It was a bit cold, but we were bundled up and were able to duck inside every little while. At least we weren't the only crazy ones...

While inside, there was an author of a children's book there selling his book and having the star of his book "pawtograph" the book. Mini Me loved the moose so much, that we bought the book. It was a feel good purchase since the guy wasn't a mass producer of literature. I think he was just a grandpa who wrote a book for his grandkids and self published it.

We also saw Santa, who wasn't really a big hit. Overall, it was a successful night. The girls even went to bed without a problem, even after sleeping in the car on the way home. Here are some pics:

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