Friday, December 18, 2009

Visit with Santa: Part 2

After last weeks attempt, my new strategy was to be there early, so that we were near the front of the line. But, that also meant that I would be taking the girls by myself.

Not a big deal as I routinely take them places alone.

So, we get ready. I dress the girls in their coordinating Christmas-y clothes and we head out. We make a quick stop at the mall to pick up an ornament. That's when I noticed Mini Me standing funny. I paid for the ornament and as we started to walk away, I checked Mini Me's pants. Sure enough, they were wet. Her first accident. And, really weird since earlier that day, we had been at Target and she told me she had to go and was fine.

OK. So, we ran home, I fed Little Sister, got Mini Me cleaned up and put her in jeans since I could also change LS into jeans with their Christmas-y tops and they'd still match and be festive. I asked Mini Me AGAIN if she had to pee, then we left.

We got to the store and I asked Mini Me again if she had to pee. No.

We get in line. We were 5th in line. 2 minutes before Santa arrives and no more than 2 minutes after the last time I ask her about going pee, I again notice Mini Me standing still. Are you kidding me???? Yup, she had wet her pants AGAIN! 2 accidents in 2 hours. And, this from a kid who almost never has accidents (unless its attention seeking while she's in time out...but that's a whole other post).

So, I took her to the bathroom and the ONLY dry bottoms were a pair of pink leggings we had in the bag from her tumbling class. They looked ridiculous with her red & white top. So, I put her jacket back on her. Of course, Little Sister was screaming the whole time we were in the bathroom because she HATES her infant seat...

By the time we got back to Santa, the line was long. We waited and finally got a picture. So, yes, there is a reason that one kid is dressed and the other isn't. I thought about taking them back again to get a better picture, but I don't think I will. Something tells me that this year, we just aren't meant to have a good picture. But, least neither kid is screaming and it was free. Gotta love Bass Pro Shops!

Here it is:

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