Friday, April 2, 2010

Destination: Tinker's Nook, Pixie Hollow

As I may have mentioned, we are in the middle of relocating from our current town to Tinker's Nook, Pixie Hollow.

Daddy has been in there since Monday and Mini Me was missing him desperately. So, we had planned to take a trip up on Thursday to have lunch with him and drop some stuff off at our new house. We only had one set of keys, so at lunch, Daddy gave me the key, and the plan was that before we headed back, we would swing by his office and leave the new house key in his car.

Mini Me loves her new house and didn't want to leave. Once I finally got the kids packed up and in the car, Mini Me realized she had forgotten Elmo, so I had to go back and look for him. Sweet Pea was beyond exhausted and needed a nap. So, I was a bit flustered trying to get everyone settled down.

You see where this is going, no?

Away we drove and by the time we got to the highway, both kids were, thankfully, asleep. Awesome-two hours of time to listen to whatever I wanted to on the radio. It was a good trip, and we got home a little before 5pm and started unpacking. That's when I saw Daddy's extra set of car keys in my bag.

Yup, I forgot to swing by his office to leave him the house key. CRAP!

I called him and he was headed out with a buddy from work for a couple beers, so he wasn't headed right to the house anyway. So, I quickly got everyone changed (oh yeah, while I was on the phone telling him I was in another state with the house key, Mini Me managed to pee her pants), pack up some overnight stuff and away we went...back to Pixie Hollow. Not exactly what I had planned for the night.

When we were about 20 minutes away, and *just* after we split off the main highway, Mini Me informed me that she needed to pee. But, she said she could wait. There wasn't really anywhere to stop, and because it was getting dark, the side of the road was not really safe either. So...I drove as fast as I reasonably could (Note to any friends driving up to visit: The Pixie Hollow state police are no joke! They are always out and always doing their job-so watch out!)

I thought we were doing great. We pulled off the exit onto our street. We were two blocks away from home when I hear, "It was just an accident, mommy. It's ok, we'll try again next time."


Yup...I now need to clean my car and her carseat.

So, we (unintentionally) spent the night in Pixie Hollow. No way was I turning around and driving home again. This morning, we headed home and arrived without incident this time. Yes, I remembered to leave him the key!

We are all eagerly anticipating his return for the weekend. One week down, one to go before the real move.

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Anne said...

What an adventure!!!!!!