Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspiration and Perspiration

One of my (not-so-secret-anymore) ambitions is to be a famous blogger. Not necessarily a mommy blogger, but perhaps politics or something along those lines (that college degree in Poli Sci might not be useless after all!)

Mommy blogging is fun. I am certainly proud of my little ones and enjoy being able to share little bits of our daily life with family and friends scattered around North America. I am TOTALLY GREEN WITH ENVY when I read this blog. Her blog is awesome and is my inspiration.

So, I'm going to pick up on a couple of features that she has: "Thankful on Thursday" and "McFatty Mondays".

Over the past few weeks, I've been reading her Thankful on Thursdays and love the idea of taking the time to just pause and reflect on the little things in life. (In all fairness, she got it from this blog, which admittedly, I've never read). Most of my days seem like nothing more than crisis management. And, I could certainly benefit from taking a few minutes to really think about all the little moments that I may have missed among the chaos.

I'm going to change up McFatty Monday into My Mondays because it better reflects my goals. I'm not really in it to drop pounds. I'm committing to doing something for myself on Mondays. Whether it's going to the gym, blogging, going out for drinks, my knitting group. Something. Anything. That

So, watch for these new theme days and some additional work on the blog design.

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