Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What is wrong with people?

I took Mini Me on our weekly trip to McDonald's today. We were waiting in line to order, and a little old lady comes up to us and is looking at Sweet Pea and was talking to Mini Me. Then she said to Mini Me, "What is your brothers name?" And, Mini Me simply didn't respond. I think she was a little confused. So, I interjected and pointed out that Sweet Pea is a girl. To which the lady responded, "But she has no hair!?"

Um, she's 6 month old. And, for the record, she was wearing a not-so-subtle pink v-neck polka dotted shirt. Not many boys can pull off that look, regardless of how little hair they have.

Similar thing happened when Mini Me was about the same age. She was wearing a bright pink onesie, and was sitting in the shopping cart with a bright pink shopping cart cover and a little old man asked, "Has he had his first haircut yet?" Um, no, she hadn't. (In fact, Mini Me didn't have her first haircut until she was almost 2 years old.)


Anne said...

Funny, but that's what happened with you. Norma finally got you a shirt that said "I'm a girl". :-)

Mommy said...

That happens to me all the time! Now since I didn't find out what I was having, we do have a high number of gender neutral items, so when it happens like that I can understand. But she'll have pink socks on and they'll still ask. Or wose, full fledged little dress. And someone will still ask how old He is. Or how HE is doing. I just ignore them.