Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bye, Bye Binkie!

Sweet Pea has been teething...forever.  She's apt to chew on anything and everything that she can, regardless of whether or not she should.

In order to keep her from sticking too many strange things in her mouth, we have relied heavily on pacifiers.  However, the other day, we discovered that she had bitten holes into them.  Into the trash they went.

I was afraid the first night.  I put her to bed and she immediately yelled "dee dee!  dee dee!" and searched around frantically for one.  After a few minutes of crying, she went to sleep.  She has only asked for it once, and was easily redirected.

So, that's it!  My baby is a big girl now.

Oh, and to add to all this big girlness, we turned her car seat forward facing.   ::sigh::  Bye, bye binkies, and babies.  :-(

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